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Thought I'd share with @plants

Xmas gifts for family: Mason jar, 3 inch net pot, chalkboard paint and salad mix. Using Kratky and including 3 packets w/ nutes. If timing is right they should have a salad for 2 on valentine's day.

Having some issues posting media content. It seems like querystring parameters are being ignored by something in the stack (cache, ui, mastodon, ???) .

Ain't worth digging into since I'm just talking to myself but basically makes this account useless for now.

Maybe the future will be brighter... see you all then.

Pornhub: 118 incidents of child sexual abuse (independent review).

Facebook: 84 million instances of child sexual abuse (self-reported)

What now?
Will Google de-list?
Will additional sites be targeted?
When will governments start seeking damages (gotta get that easy money)
Gotta have to have some new laws to go with it, complete with new departments to fund.

Or maybe, just maybe, we can start dealing with degenerate sex offenders the way we deal with any other form of cancer

Pornhub removes all unverified videos from its platform

Everything uploaded to the site is now from a verified user or content partner.


Visa / MC revoke payment processing

Mastercard and Visa stop allowing their cards to be used on Pornhub.


NTY releases article

The Children of Pornhub
Why does Canada allow this company to profit off videos of exploitation and assault?


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