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I'll take the vaccine, when the opportunity presents itself. With all the uppity culture on it on both sides, it feels like just a gamble at this point. Parents have taken it, they seem fine. And if I die from this in 3 years, at least I won't have to listen to some jackass screaming "I told you so!". God knows I've got plenty of opportunities to die.

The 2020 election audit shit is interesting. I dunno if Trump ends up winning, that seems unlikely. But will it stir some shit up? Yeah, and that's all I'm really in it for at this point.

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Damn, a Cardinal was arrested? Reminds me of The Godfather. Life imitates art, ey?

Alright, I guess I should explain: the U.S. embassy in Malawi is closed, possibly until September. Naturally, waiting isn't really an option for us. So, my parents are going on a flight tomorrow to Nairobi, Kenya to process their VISAs there. Me and my sisters are hanging back at Mzuzu. Yesterday was my grand-uncle's birthday, too. And my toddler cousin's too, on my mom's side.

I still remember the "Oh Noes!" guy on Khan Academy. I think they do SAT prep on there, I'll have to check it out when we get back.

I don't give two fucks over what politics and opinions people have over this "billionaire space race" shit. I just wish everyone would call it for what it is: a rocket-measuring contest.

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Two days after her
departure, her parents were
killed in a car crash

Holy shit, I just realized you don't use "an" before the vowel U. It's "a United States veteran" not "an United States veteran". I mean, I used the correct grammar before, I just never thought about it.

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Septic vent pipes can
be fitted with filters that
remove some odors

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I saw that movie Arbitrage, I like the song at the credits.

Björk - I See Who You Are

It's mesmerising, in a way. But uncomfortable. Like, listening to it feels like holding in a breath and getting that dazed feeling. When I listen to the lyrics closely, it's sentiment is about staying in the moment in spite of the endless march of time. It's scary but comforting. I don't know why it's stayed in my head so much. I guess I like it.

I guess I want to leave some kind of legacy? Like, I want to be immortalised after I die. I feel like if I died and there wasn't any trace that I had lived, what was the point? But on that, nothing will ever be good enough. Everyone eventually gets forgotten, everything eventually ends. It's scary to think about. And I feel like there's no way out, either. I feel like if I lived forever, I'd eventually forget myself. And that's no better than death...

When we were in Blantyre, I saw the university my father attended and eventually lectured at. It's kinda getting to me how close I am to higher education. I feel like life is moving faster and faster as I get older. I don't even know how to envision a future for myself.

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He said it was thought
that the land of the dead lay
west of Great Britain

It's Saturday? Honestly, I lose all sense of time when on holiday. I need something to actually structure my days, or else they all just blend together.

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During the war, the
miller was murdered by his
wife and her lover

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