@zenmaster555 Gab is the alternative. They own their own servers and don't rely on funding from any group.

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Thought I'd share with @plants

Xmas gifts for family: Mason jar, 3 inch net pot, chalkboard paint and salad mix. Using Kratky and including 3 packets w/ nutes. If timing is right they should have a salad for 2 on valentine's day.

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Some days you just can't get things to go right. Kids gingerbread houses look like they're from the Portland autonomous zone.

Kids just ordered mr beast burgers... impressive what they're doing and how they've made it all from influence

Currently working my way through Atlas Shrugged.


I put on my reading list 20+ years ago and just now got around to it. Can't help but wonder if it would have helped alert me to what was happening or if its only in hindsight that I recognize the wisdom

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If you are new to Masto & interested in #gardening & #plants, use these hashtags to find other plant nerds & gardeners :plantmage6: :plantmage1:

If you post photos of anything plant-related, inc trees, foliage & fungi, #Florespondence is very popular, & #Sporespondence for fungi. Tag & follow @plants. Anyone following this account will see your post.

Do try to add image descriptions to your posts. It makes your posts accessible to a wider audience on the Fedi.

🌻 :garlic: 🍆 🌸 🌳 🍄

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Been trying to figure out what to do with this tech for a while now:


Thinking maybe combining it with:


to create pop stars on this distributed platform.

Why the hell should I continue to be stuck in the real world version of everything just because it's "real?"

The uncanny valley is where we are scared by things that look almost human but aren't. Other animals do not experience the uncanny valley effect and will accept things things that look like them with little issue. That means that at some point in our evolution, running away from things that looked almost human was advantageous enough to be imprinted on our genetics. What the fuck were we that scared of?



The servers are abstracted from the platforms.
The platforms interact via ActivityPub.
ActivityPub = Protocols/Standards behind Fediverse
Fediverse = All the federated stuff in *this* universse

Mastodon => Twitter
PeerTube => YouTube
Friendica => Facebook
Pixelfed => Intstagram
Pleroma => Lite weight Mastodon
Nextcloud => Dropbox
????????? => Tumblr
????????? => Pinterest

Networks are very small at the moment but who knows how it grows ;-} Could be its time.

Favorite JS joke:

new Array(5).join("a"-10) + " Batman!"

Anyone know if The Boring Company bricks are still a thing? After the first batch that was less than perfect, I expected to see them coming out of the Vegas loop but seems like they've just disappeared.

@jm I don't think a show like that holds up over time. It was good != it is good


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