Really? We're infinitely creative but can't devise any sort of ethical "kill switch"? Well, we may have to:

"As a generic software component that is usable everywhere to everyone, there are times when libcurl—in particular—is used in nefarious or downright malicious ways. Examples include being used in virus and malware software. That is unfortunate but nothing we can prevent."

On reddit? All of your deleted posts, incl from deleted accts, can be found here:

Yikes just learned @ScienceAlert is considered a "predatory publisher"

"Whilst details regarding the incident remain unclear it remains a realistic possibility that the event was the result of asymmetric activity by Iranian military."

A new browser extension blocks any websites that use Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Amazon

Turns out, it more or less renders the modern web unusable — and that’s the point

In some towns, the local government offers tiered discount rates for Ring cameras based on how much of the public area on a street the Ring will regularly capture. The more of the public space it captures, the larger the discount.

Some of the current focus on China state surveillance technology directed at is rather misplaced when considering that America-Israel has pioneered limitless surveillance techniques that include chillingly sophisticated placement of human sources.

I'm working for a big tech company in California. Yesterday all employees received an email from our security guys.

We have to deactivate all personal assistant gadgets (like Alexa) during worktime in the homeoffice.

They have evidence that these gadgets are recording audio from conference calls.

Nothing new to me but notable that I've got this order.

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