Barricades and convoy protest in Netherlands reported, re Farmland. I don't have much information on this, any leads?

Can someone point me to somewhere I might learn more about Mastodon's "search" functionality? I find it a bit murky.

‘Marching towards starvation’: UN warns of hell on earth if Ukraine war goes on

Unprecedented food shortages could spark riots in dozens of countries as Black Sea blockade adds to pressures, says WFP chief

When you're in a dystopic society but you're just resigned to it, that's Ohwellian.

a Google engineer begins to suspect that he himself is not conscious

"Sandvine Pulls Back From Russia as US, EU Tighten Control on Technology It Sells:
Deep packet inspection equipment can be used to monitor internet traffic — and censor specific websites"

Scott Ritter, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, interviewed by Russian blogger:

Does anyone know why was being blocked by twitter? It appears up and allowed again?

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