#RightToRepair will become an absolute necessity in the near future. Having all the supply chain completely fucked up and prices all over increasing like never before, people will need to learn how to do stuff themselves instead of pulling a credit card.

@atomicpoet comes from the root word meaning "body" right? So, encompasses the idea of different parts working for a common goal, but is ultimately made up of people, as you describe. Also has origins in the "company" established by Royal Charter (ie. East India Company), wherein a group or association was granted rights for trade, exploration and colonization. Anyways, it's a history and topic I want to learn more about.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Defence Minister Margarita Robles were tapped using the Israeli Pegasus spyware in an 'illicit and external' intervention, according to officials t.co/1EKMLxLU13

🚨BREAKING – April 22 – Gonzalo Lira is alive. Confirms he was, in fact, picked up by the Kharkov SBU.


Does Andrew Torba really believe he "built" Gab social network, or is he just deliberately obscuring that Gab is a fork of Mastodon?

"A class-action complaint filed in San Francisco Superior Court alleges data broker Otonomo Inc. secretly collects and sells real-time GPS data from more than 50 million cars worldwide without drivers’ consent."


"While for the longest time open source software has been reliable, community-fuelled, and efficient in that it takes out the need to reinvent the wheel, the recurring cases of voluntary self-sabotage by maintainers have cast doubts on the overall reliability of the ecosystem."


Twitter bans Scott Ritter (former USMC intelligence officer, critic of US foreign policy, articles published with RT)

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