If your coin has a pre-mine it is a shitcoin.

No exceptions.

I don't know and definitely don't care what the spiderverse is.

yes, there are many UFOs. no, there aren't any alien spacecraft.

If you bought $1,000 worth of in 2010, you'd have $767 now because you would have sold it too soon.

If you're thinking will be replaced by a "better" cryptocurrency... Only makes sense if you're looking at it like a company. Protocols are different. Being first to hit a certain adoption threshold is really all that matters.

reddit users buy a stock = manipulation

govt prints $4T for wall street = banking

invisible hand of the market looking visible as fuck today.

How every time pumps 10% Coinbase goes down. This company is going public?

With this latest round of bad publicity, is simply continuing to do what it always has done: inadvertently erode the very industry that it pretends to be a part of.

Unfortuntely, to the uninitiated, is indistinguishable from the hundreds of other legitimate adult entertainment sites - each with decades of history simultaneously protecting children (with prudent age verification) and the 1st amendment.

Why do i hate The West Wing TV show so much?

I'm a huge fan of Sorkin's work, however, on a friend's recommendation I went back and started watching the West Wing (1999) - which I had missed during it's initial run. I'm having a hard time enjoying it.

Is it just me or this show markedly worse than his other efforts?

What was Aaron Sorkin's better show?


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